Machhendranath's chariot circumambulates Mother-Tree

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The chariot of Machhendranath (also known as Bunga Dyah/ Avalokitesvara/ Karunamaya) circumambulated the symbolic Maa Simhaa-mother tree two times in Lagankhel on Wednesday, 1st Jestha 2076. The total of three circumambulations is performed around Mother-tree; the first one took place on Monday- the first day when the chariot reaches Lagankhel.

The legend of Machhendranath mentions that when Machhendranath was brought to Kathmandu valley long time ago in the past, his mother followed him up to the tree in Lagankhel. The circumambulations are a symbol of respect for mother. As the part of the chariot festival, tomorrow will be the Nariwal khasaalne Jatra-Coconut throwing ceremony; and the day after tomorrow will be the Yākah Misāyā Bhujyā- chariot exclusively pulled by women devetees.

Text by: Binay Maharjan

Photo by: Biplap Maharjan and Binay Maharjan

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