32 hours in Kirtipur

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Organized by: Bicha group, Identity inn, The jatra events and management

Endorsed by: Kirtipur Municipality

Parent Partner: Nepal Tourism Board


Day 1 : 28 October 2019, Laxmi Puja




Main Activity



5 pm

Welcoming guests by giving “sagun” at the premises of Umamaheshor temple.


Diyo “oil lamp” lightening

6 pm

Lightening 1140 diyos to mark Nepal Sambat 1140


Engaging in cultural program

7 pm

Guests will be engaged in cultural program to witness cultural performances.


Dinner with Mayor

8:30 pm

Guests will join a dinner session with honorable Mayor of Kirtipur Municipality.

32 hours in Kirtipur intends to invite guests from foreign nationals, different ethnic groups and people associated with culture and tourism in Kirtipur to share our cultural values and experiences for promoting our culture and tourism targeting VISIT NEPAL 2020.

We believe that this event will provide blissful and memorable experience to our guests which will somehow reflect our identity to other parts of the world.This is a two day event, to be held on Kartik 11, Laxmi Puja (28 October) and Kartik 12, Mha Puja, Nepal sambat 1140 (29 October).


To promote Visit Nepal 2020.

To promote socio-cultural tourism by enhancing the socio economic value of local entrepreneurs and social groups.

To provide foreigners with first hand experience of Tihar cele- brations in newar community.

To enhance community welfare in kirtipur.

Significance of program

Our culture, tradition, custom and heritage are the legacy of physical artifacts and intangible attributes that are inherited from past generations,which has to be enhanced in the present and bestowed for the benefit of future generations. It is our responsibility to preserve and promote the legacy which reflect our national identity, values, beliefs, and aspirations.Our legacy has a very high value and is unique. It is an identity that can be introduced to the world. The best way to preserve & promote our culture and aesthetics values is to share it with others. Therefore, this event is our little step to preserve and promote our cultural and aesthetic values.

  • Organisation background

 Identity inn

“Connect, Share, Experience”

Identity Inn​ ​is an endeavour to enhance and promote cultural and national identity. We believe that the best way to preserve & promote our identity and legacy, inherited from previous generation is to share it with others. We are aspiring to be a platform to connect people and community for sharing the cultural values and experience.



Bicha group

Bicha Group is a registered organization consisting of youths from Kirtipur municipality, who are dedicated to developing and sharing expertise related to heritage, culture, health, education and promotion of local entrepreneurs. It has been organizing talk programs, conducting photography workshops and photo walks relation to culture promotion along with other voluntary programs since its establishment. Recently, we published a book entitled "Kirtipur: A Gateway to Newar Culture" with an objective to present as an introductory guide and pictorial representation of Kirtipur in its cultural and natural aspects. 

Photo By: Biplap Maharjan

Text By: 32 hours in Kirtipur

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