Nepal Lipi - A Nepal Bhasa Writing App

Monday, 18 December 2017 13:27 Chankuu Shree Shrestha

For all the people who have been eagerly waiting to update Facebook status and send texts in Nepal Bhasa for quite a long time now, there is exciting news for you. An android application - Nepal Lipi - Type Newa has been developed that will help writing in Nepal lipi. The app created by Pawan Raja Maharjan, Ananda Maharjan and Nepal Lipi Guthi converts Nepali Devnagari script into Nepal Bhasa and all one should do is type utilising Devnagari keyboard installed in the phone.

Aside from sharing status in web-based social networking sites and texting in Nepal Bhasa, the users can also create memes, quotes and videos using the app. Moreover, the feature of sticker customization is the icing on the cake component of this application. This feature allows creating Newa stickers with your own content and takes your Nepal Bhasa communication to a higher level.

For user convenience, the app additionally provides:

1. Feature for adding own image, changing background and colors, and adjusting texts

2. Nepal Lipi Video Tutorials

3. Tutorials to learn Nepal Bhasa

4. Feature for creating greetings, profile pictures with customization

5. Join Newa Community feature

The andriod app was launched in a short ceremony held at Nepal Lipi Guthi, Sanani, Tyaudat on 16th December, 2017.

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