"May my country live long"- Kirtipur Martyrs' Day celebrated

Tuesday, 03 April 2018 13:18 Binay

20th Chaitra 2074, Kirtipur Keeping in hearts the contribution of so many great known and unknown martyrs of the nation, Kirtipur Martyrs' Day was celebrated. A rally was organized that started from Khasibazaar, Kirtipur where Martyrs' Memorial is located.

The statues of Kirtipur martyrs: Lana Bahadur Maharjan, Rajendra Maharjan, Hirakaji Maharjan and Rajman Mali seemed shining with eyes of triumph but at the same time seemed requesting to preserving, promoting and flourishing their gift of freedom for the country.

Local leaders, representatives from various local organizations, clubs, women's groups, cooperatives, schools etc. participated during the rally.

By: Binay Maharjan

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