Bungmati Museum's Annual Newari Bhoe : Good Evening for a Good Cause

Thursday, 21 December 2017 08:31 Chankuu Shree Shrestha

Bungamati is a small traditional Newari village situated in the outskirts of Patan and is 8 kilometres south of Kathmandu. With its origin dating back to the 16th century, Bungamati has been able to safeguard its traditional and cultural aspects from modern infringement and has setup itself as a living museum. You can visit the nearby Bungamati Museum to learn history of the community and simply wander around the toles to relive the medieval times.

If you have already made up plans to visit this beautiful place then this Friday is the best time. Bungamati Museum's Annual Newari Bhoe with the sole aim of maintaining the museum is being organised at Maharjan Samaj Community Building, Bungamati on 22nd December, Friday. The event is an annual fundraising bhoe (Newari Feast), funds collected from which will be utilised in the first phase of structural facelift for the museum. Tickets for the events are priced Rs 1000 and incorporates delicious Newari traditional feast, live musical-dance performance, a tour of the museum and shuttle ride between Jawalakhel and Bungamati. Along with a good evening for a good cause with good food and entertainment, your Friday is sure to be a good one.

Tickets are available at Curio, Lazimpat; Green Tea House, New Baneswor and Bungamati Museum. Details are available here

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