Sep 26th
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Thoughts of Marriage

Thoughts of Marriage

The frustration grows when we cannot judge the things properly. So is the case in so called marriage for the many people. Some are afraid of it. Is it ghost?  Some are too much excited for it. Is it sweeter than sugar? More the questions we are supposed to play with, more it will drag to confusion. When should I get married? Why should I marry him or her? Am I too young or too late for getting married? What are the problems?  Am I supposed to tackle in coming days after marriage? And …………………………Reality is not a question that should be judged by mathematics. Everything has its pros and cons and marriage is no different from it. In other words, it is just like a pendulum that swings left and right in equal footing. I am afraid; I am not expert, though, I thought this subject will be easier when we think to handle by heart rather than the brain.

In the past, earlier marriage was prevailed, and now it’s a history and these days’ people prefer late marriage putting their career in front, contradicting it.  For me, I personally ruled out both of the cases. What is marriage? It is an exchange of heart. It is a promise to give a company throughout the life time. It is a pain. It is a joy and a system that interlocked two families. It is also medium to move our generations forward. Again, Different people have different perception ahead of it. One group is there who believes marriage is made in heaven. Besides that, there is also other group who thinks, it is when their boyfriend and girlfriend agree for it.

Six months before, this topic emerged in our group and we floated it among the youth of Panga, Kirtipur. It didn’t take much time catching attention of youth and it breezed around like a fragrance of the flower. Here, I would like to present some of their views on the topic. Mr. Swadesh Maharjan, our respected senior stands for marriage but before 30. He got a unique logic to defend his side. According to him, it is bad idea to get late marriage in account of career. Career can move smoothly even after marriage. The partner who comes at the time when someone is enjoying sad part of their life has a more importance in their life than that of who comes in happy side of life. It increases love and respect with each other. The second thing, he pointed out is that timely marriage opens door for safe sex otherwise people may indulge in for bad sex. Mr. Sachin Maharjan friend of mine further adds that, late marriage means late children. Our mom and dad, they get married in their earlier age and we are already grown up and fixed with the career before they are not old enough. So, we should not spoil their career in the name of our career.

Mr. Newton Maharjan is another friend who participated in conversation and   stood against it putting career is first rather than marriage. For him, it is really very complicated. Doing marriage is taking life into new track and he thinks, before he changes his track, wants to finish the complete journey that leads by existing track. Marriage means increasing responsibility, financial crisis and still, understanding should be there, compromising has no limit and if it lacks loving and caring everything goes to vain, these are some ideas shared by Mr. Yogesh Maharjan, supporting career first or putting himself in category of after 30. If we were supposed to take marriage it will be better side if we did some mental and financial preparedness.

Though, there was lots of ideas came into the surface while conversation took place but I am impressed by the one that was given by the friend Uzma Shrestha. Marriage is never too late or too earlier. It can be done any time when someone feels he or she gets right partner. Rest of all is secondary matter. So, if someone found right person on their life, never be late to tie knot with him or her and for the rest everything leave it to the time.

Text: Prabin Maharjan

Photo: Narayan Maharjan


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