Jun 24th
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Petrol or Water? Every drop counts- Kirtipur facing water shortage

Petrol or Water? Every drop counts- Kirtipur facing water shortage

Petrol or water? Every drop is counted in our context. The first one is imported and the second, we do have potential to export. This is what we read in our text books. It would be foolish to imagine our daily life without water. It is essential for all basic human needs e.g., food, drinking water, sanitation, and health. But such an important thing for the life is getting scarce day by day. For the poor scarce means less access to it. This is not a scenario in the past. Kirtipur is a land that is gifted with many natural springs water. But things are different now.

Last Updated ( Friday, 31 May 2013 13:24 )


Thoughts of Marriage

Thoughts of Marriage

The frustration grows when we cannot judge the things properly. So is the case in so called marriage for the many people. Some are ...

Last Updated ( Sunday, 22 April 2012 15:14 )

Kirtipur, beckoning its people

Kirtipur, beckoning its people

Kirtipur is beckoning its people to get nearer and work and to be loyal to its land. At the same time, I remembered the line...

Last Updated ( Monday, 28 November 2011 08:45 )


Top 5 emerging lover’s spots at Kirtipur

Top 5 emerging  lover’s spots at Kirtipur

This time I’m very excited because I have picked up the topic of my own interest. Kirtipur has its own historical background, culture and inhabitants. We talked more ab...

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 30 August 2011 10:33 )


एकपल्ट सोचौं त !!!

एकपल्ट सोचौं त !!! मान्छे जन्मन्छ र क्रमश बालक, युवक, वयस्क हुँदै वृद्धावस्थामा प्र...

Last Updated ( Saturday, 25 September 2010 17:36 )

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On-field disputes in the National Games

The Seventh National Games concluded yesterday in Biratnagar. 

- Akash Maharjan

The Lost Opportunity

During the last 10 years of acute problem of power shortage(loadshedding), which now seems...

-Bibek Dangol

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