Aug 21st
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Commuting in the Capital

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It's about 6 in the evening. The Purano Buspark is crowded with job holders, students, teachers, musicians, businessmen and of course, pickpockets. Once in a while, a bus arrives. People swarm around the vehicle like bees around beehive. The luckiest one gets to board first and choose his desired seat while the remaining follow suit. Some open the windows and place their bags on the empty seas, a method of saving seat when the chances of getting an empty seat gets grim. And some ultra-thin ones get the most advantage of their slim figure at this moment. They climb through the window, squeezing the naturally-squeezed body and place themselves by the window seat. This could be one reason why dieting is such a trending topic these days.

On the other hand, no matter how frustrating the situation turns out to, the pickpockets never cease to carry their job. After a man finally wins a seat, he realises his hollow back-pocket. Boom! Winning a seat back home, even in the capital, cost him his wallet and a whole two weeks grins at him until he receives his next paycheck.

Seats are packed. The passage in between the seats are also filled with people standing in two lines and facing opposite directions. People are confined to such degree that a person can easily smell and tell what the person standing next to him had had in lunch earlier that day. Another person is diagonally placed with his body slanted at a level of 45. He is stepping on shoes of person to his right while his hand is touching the chest of person to his left. The intimacy level has declined below zero yet the conductor sees a person can easily fit if the three centimetres gap between the two persons in the right, nearby the third seat, is minimized. Under the deep scrutiny of the drivers and conductors, regardless of the crowd in the vehicle, the fact is there will always be an empty space that can accommodate a few more passengers.

The vehicle starts for its destination. Through the half opened window, cool air flows inside the transport. On the outside, the undying crowd awaits for another vehicle.

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