Sep 20th
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Rewinding 2017

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With a new year already here at our doors, we wish all of you with a prosperous and productive year ahead. At the verge of this new start, we are trying to get back to what we achieved in last year and what major events we witnessed by.

Let's start with the brightest event we witnessed last year - End of Loadshedding. Hours of power cut-off in the capital ended last year and the city livened up with the lights every night after then. Kathmanduities can never thank Kulman Ghising enough for making the near-impossible a reality.

On May, the nation turned into election mode with the first phase of local elections. The election was successful but people had to wait days for the results due to the usual way of vote counting.

In 2017, many productive events was witnessed in our home town as well. Chilancho stupa, one of the oldest stupa in the valley, was demolished for renovation. Mega-earthquake had destructed the monument and though late, the reconstruction was started. Famous Adinath and Jal Binayak temples located at Chobhar underwent renovation through joint efforts of the concerned authorities and locals.

Another attraction of Chobhar, Himal Cement Factory was demolished. As per reports, the government is planning to construct dry port and exhibition hall in the area. We are excited to hear the news and we are wishing the plan to be implemented within coming ten years to the minimum. (Though we are quite accustomed with our Government plans).

Historical ponds situated at Khasi Bazar had a makeover and the almost-dried ponds breathed a new life. We hope for the same-like events in 2018 as well.

Kirtipur municipality along with the locals organised a seminar on developing Kirtipur as an IT-enabled cultural city and many plans and opinions were expressed to achieve the same. We wish those plans to be carried out rather than just being written.

On December 2017, the nation again opened its political wings and second phase of provincial and parliamentary elections conducted successfully. 77.75% of the aggregate votes were casted in Kirtipur.

Kirtipur residents heard another exciting news in 2017. There were reports of establishing bunjee jumping in Kirtipur and the studies going on, and we obviously can't wait for the good news.

The nation got together to vote Miss Nepal 2017 Nikita Chandak in the Miss World beauty pageant and thanks to the social media that made it possible. She raised aspirations of the Nepalese and made it to the Top 40, the farthest a Nepali beauty has achieved so far. Though we may find it hard to believe, Nepal was listed in the fastest economy growing countries in the world with a GDP of 7.5%. We might have been blinded with the pollution and traffic jam in the valley, but we can be assured about the development going in and around the capital.

In 2018, we wish the air gets cleaner, the traffic jam gets less complicated and we wish the Melamchi arrives earlier than expected. And about the dreams of turning the nation into Switzerland or Singapore, there's another year for sure.

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