Sep 20th
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Gloomy Sunday

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Many of you probably have heard of the song "Gloomy Sunday". The song was actually written in 1933 by a Hungarian pianist for depicting the despair of war and was titled "The World is ending". Later the lyrics were rewritten and "Gloomy Sunday" became the most famous version of the song.

Just like the title, the song shows despair for lover over his/her lovers' death and whoever listens to it is destined to get a low-spirited feeling. It is considered one of the most depressing songs ever written in the history. Soon after the release of this song, there were reports of suicides all over the world- the reason cited as listening to the song. Taking the reference to an article published in the Time Magazine in 1936, the song was allegedly the reason for numerous suicides in Hungary and the US. There was a shoemaker who committed a suicide holding a note in his hand referring to the song; two people shot themselves after hearing the song; there were also reports of people drowning in the river Danube holding the sheet music. The self-slaughter rates increased to such level that BBC banned the song until 2002 and many places in the US didn't play the song due to fearing of more deaths.

Another side of the story reveals fact a bit different from the cause-effect relation of the song "Gloomy Sunday" and suicide. When the song became popular, the world was in the Great Depression. Amidst the miserable condition caused due to depression and the release of the song with depressing lyrics, the suicide rates could have increased. Moreover, the statistics show that Hungary usually has high suicide rates. Thus, the name "Hungarian Suicide Song" could have been a coincidence or might have been otherwise.

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