Sep 20th
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Home Life Style Society Museum inside an airplane:Nepal’s first Aviation Museum

Museum inside an airplane:Nepal’s first Aviation Museum

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Captain Bed Upreti has worked and traveled around the world as a pilot. He was highly motivated by John F. Kennedy's famous quote, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country” and hence was willing to do something "beautiful" to his country.

Captain Upreti came up with the idea to build Nepal’s first aviation museum inside a jet airplane after he saw a scrapped Fokker aircraft which belonged to Cosmic Air.

He brought the aircraft from Kathmandu to Dhangadi with the help of three trucks and then spent about six months decorating it and turning it into a museum.

Now, it is one of the popular tourist destinations of far-western Nepal. There are more than 200 miniature aircrafts inside the aircraft museum. Among them, some were assembled by the local students and others were bought from abroad. The beautiful photo gallery comprising photos from different locations of the far-western region of Nepal have added precious value to the museum.

Visitors can dress as pilots and air hostesses and take photographs inside the cockpit of the museum.

According to Captain Upreti, the money raised from the entrance fee is being used for the treatment of the cancer patients and scholarships for the students from the far-western region.

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