Hands of Kirtipur's relief mission

Tuesday, 16 June 2015 13:46 Prabin Maharjan

Earthquake is one of the most dangerous and destructive forms of natural hazards. They Strike suddenly with Little Warning. They may occur at any time of day or on any day of the year. They can destroy buildings and infrastructure in seconds, killing or injuring the inhabitants. Earthquakes not only destroy the entire habitation but may destabilize the government, economy and social structure of the country. Same thing happened, date 25th may, time 11: 55 am, massive earthquake of magnitude 7.8 hits our place leaving more than 8000 people death and devastated the billons of dollars of physical infrastructures. Nepal has had a long history of earthquake occurrences. About 70% of the total area of the country is vulnerable to seismic damage of buildings in varying degrees. The most vulnerable areas, according to the present seismic zone map of Nepal, are located in the Himalayan and sub- Himalayan regions, and capital city Kathmandu itself. So, expert suggestion is to stay alert every time.

With weak pre disaster preventive measures and even weaker post disaster management plan of our government, chaos is everywhere. Government alone is not in position to help every single earthquake victims.  As being an informed citizen of this country, few youths from Kirtipur starts to organize themselves for some better causes and outcome is Hands of Kirtipur. Little introduction here – it is the association of youth volunteers, joining hands together for the change of the society and their motto is to share smile.

Even a single person can start but for them initial number were 12, and till date altogether 30 permanent volunteers and started contributing  500 each and with collected money they were able to distribute oil and rice for earthquake victims located in Bungamati. Bungamati is one of the core area that is affected most by the Earthquake. Good job guys.  Though it is a small step it really motivates the entire members and smile they were able to bring was priceless. Some divine feelings were there might be in their first visit in the Bungamati and later the members were ready to contribute 1000 each. This time team set off to Namabudha as a new destination and 280 hungry mouths were feed.

God is also behind good deeds, it is also applicable for the team here. Later their two good initiations were backed by many nationals and international hands. For instance, team is able to conduct health camp and distribute tents, tarpaulin,  rice, biscuits in other two earthquake devastated areas- Nuwakot and Haldekalika VDC  with the great support from the Royal Thai embassy and lady with soft heart- Sham Richard from Malaysia. The journeys don’t stop here only, now turn is to do something remarkable for their own area that is Kirtipur. The team distributed lunch in Langol for approximately 200 people. According to team, required fund was supported by a group of Nepalese in Australia and two Canadians.

Also rebuilding kirtipur-  two tunnel shelters in Nagaon and Kirtipur is other remarkable work to add for those who lost their houses in disaster and team has planned similar one more shelter in Bhatkyapati. Relief materials along with tarpaulin distributed for the victims in charghare,  Kirtipur , Bungamati,Lubu, Langole were other things in the list.

In nut shell, certainly Hands of Kirtipur has done outstanding job. When lots of people were hiding in safe place to escape from unlimited aftershocks that followed every day since main shocks strikes, their strong motive of sharing smile is driving them and I can smell that. Indeed, music can turn around people and music as a universal language which can understand by everyone, now they are focusing rehabilitation programs through music which just got started in Nagaon and in very soon will be continue in Panga, Kirtipur, Bungamati and so many places which are affected by earthquake. Lastly, all the very best for Hands of Kirtipur team, hope it will able to spread more smile in coming days too.

BY: Prabin Maharjan

Photo Courtesy: Hands of Kirtipur

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