Sep 24th
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Transportation system in and around Kirtipur

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Carrying more than 50 years of  history, Kirtipur transportation service is serving Kirtipur area with more than 100 vehicles where population is approximately 50000. Though, we love to criticize about the whole system, its service and importance in the area is immense. I know that there is lots of problems in our transportation system though I used the public transport slight.

Even my wife never gets rid of complaining about uncomfortable coach, inhospitable conductor, harassment, long stop in every stop, long waiting for busses in old bus park at the evening time, overcrowded, two seats are utilized to accommodate three people and many more. With all these, she easily convinced me to pick up her from office door in my two wheelers most of the time. I hope for the many, story is the same. But being the optimistic and ignoring the negative side this writing is trying to explore and reveal positive sides of whole transportation system of Kirtipur.

Public transporation in Kirtipur

First, starting its history with old Mercedes Benz, breakthrough, was the date 2053 B.S. as Kirtipur Yatayat Sewa, emerged as a new player with long body 2 busses and it grew gradually after, now expensive microbus and minibus have taken its place and its importance can be judged by uncomfortable we encountered if the busses were not in the road due to various Bandha and Hadtal. People found lots of respect for the whole system though they often criticized about it.

Second, the government provision of 33 percent discount for the student can be easily enjoyed on this route. There is no problem getting discount with a true ID Card from the very past. Bus staffs are very open in giving discount to the student and many cases fake ID card holders also easily make an escape route. But same thing can be little difficult while we travel in other routes. In the similar way, the reserved seat for women and handicapped person in the bus seems to be effective with the strict in the traffic rules these days.

Third, the minibus that plies in the route is charging one rupee less in the fare than that is determined by the government. This is very remarkable thing and should be welcomed from all the communities. And also bus has placed the fare information details for the every stop. So if you’ve got any confusion regarding the fare rate, can be checked it from there.

Fourth, the diversification in the route which takes place lately, though now really helps the people of Panga, Machegaun, Vatkepati, Kirtipur hill, Nangol etc. Now there is a bus service from Panga, Panga dobato, Machegaun which directly connects the bus service with old bus park situated in the middle of the city. There are also some busses which connect Kirtipur with the Lagenkhel and few which connect Kirtipur with the old Baneshowor. Diversified routes and its direct benefits are showering to the daily users of the bus for the different parts of the city.

Fifth, the 100 plus busses but there is no organized system for the bus park .The Kirtipur municipality should think on it. Even though, busses are being managed with the smooth operation. The busses meant in the route of Panga is utilizing town planning area as a temporary bus park and talking about microbuses they are just rotating on and on.

To sum up, the positive sides of Kirtipur transportation service is also not less. Besides aforementioned reasons, it generates the employment opportunity, it carries the vegetables, it carries the goats, it carries the school students, it stop for the people wherever they want whether it is bus stop or not taking a risk and entertain us with the music and videos. For all these huge range of services, Jay hos.  Hoping in coming days, the service provided will be even better and friendlier and more comfortable.


By: Prabin Maharjan


Last Updated ( Sunday, 15 February 2015 09:55 )  

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