Sep 24th
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A new story from the old history

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We all believe that Kirtipur is one of the ancient and dynamic city of the Kathmandu valley beckoning internal and external tourists offering many things such as, natural beauties, indigenous people and their rich  culture,  well panoramic view of Kathmandu valley, newari foods,  temples and also  monasteries. This is the short introduction about the place but the main concern here is, this ancient beautiful city is slowly being changed from different aspects.

Among many, one of the most interesting changes about Kirtipur is day after day, month after month and year after year it is being expanded on its own way. Kirtipur as a municipality is extended up to 19 wards with a population around 50000. Its outer skirt lays places like Champadevi, Taudaha, Maitrinagar, Silkhuch etc. Though its area is fixed, its geographical features are being changed with the times.  Agricultural land is rapidly being converted for the residential purposes. Houses are being increased rapidly. Extension of human settlement is on and on. This trend gives the emergence of new members for Kirtipur. This phenomenon won’t stop. On that note let us have quick look on some new members that we have experienced so far.

Amalsi (Nayabazzar)- Amalsi is the one of the business hub of the Kirtipur municipality. It is just below the Kirtipur Hill. Though its local name is Amalsi, these days the name Nayabazar is most frequently practiced. Before it is converted into concrete jungle it was open steep field. The time has changed this area and this becomes one of the new members and the integral part of Kirtipur.

Tyanglaphant – Tyanglaphanat just bridge Kirtipur with Kalanki. Tanle is a terrace field belongs to the indigenous people from the Kirtipur hill. It is a lovely and precious remained piece of land for the Newars after the big contribution made for the renowned Tribhuvan University. In other sense, it is an untouched or remaining area after Tribhuvan University confiscated or marked their areas. At that time the remaining Tanle area was very important for the people of the hill to do hand and mouth and used whole areas for the agriculture. Slowly with the movements of the time, people started converting land for the money. Changing the ownership and erecting the new building is not new phenomenon then and result is, whole area is now occupied with the houses, roads, schools, shops etc and it becomes other new member for the historical Kirtipur city.

Maitrinagar and Tyanglaphat area in 2003 (Source google earth)

Maitrinagar and Tyanglaphat area in 2014 (Source google earth)

Maitrinagar- Maitrinagar seems emerging new town or new member for the Kirtipur. It just lies below the Kirtipur hill sharing border with Tanle. With the span of time the value of land skyrocketed tremendously around the valley. The land owner found profitable to exchange their piece of land for the money, ultimately giving the emergence of one more new member for Kirtipur- Maitrinagar.

Town planning – Namakhawa is the oldest name and got new name for the certain area of its land as the town planning. Before it is planned neither there was road nor there was electricity line and there was nothing as such that could  support the building on those steep filed area. Now, when it is planned, all things have been changed and we could find many new buildings over there. Town planning, it did not exist in the past but now it becomes still another new member for Kirtipur.

These are few examples. There could be many, they are emerging day and night. The above given all show that Kirtipur is spreading, expanding and also is growing day by day.


By- Prabin Maharjan




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