Aug 21st
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Strolling in the Open:

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As the cities and towns have been gradually turning into concrete jungles, there remains little space for children and elderly alike to spare time for outdoor activities.

No doubt that playing around with fellows in the open spaces is more adventurous and healthy than gluing to the TV and mobiles, and video games.

The presence of such open spaces and playing grounds will not only make people active and healthy, but also will increase social bonds among friends and families -- the connection we rarely find in the virtual world.

In Kirtipur, the Newari towns still provide such opportunities for children to come and play outdoors, whether be in the vicinity of the ancient temples or be it in the newly constructed children's' park. This for sure will revive the fun and adventures of being out of home for some fun and health for children and all.

Photos : Merit Maharjan

Text: Uden Maharjan

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