Aug 21st
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Incredible Kirtipur hill

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Kirtipur as a whole encompasses many places. But focusing only on Kirtipur hill, it is incredible one. Let us together make a journey to find out what are the facts behind.

It is widely believed that it is a hill that is composed of single rock and even in the time of earthquake, it can only give small trouble to this incredible hill. For instance, the earthquake went in 1990 BS, had a very little effect in this area meanwhile the earthquake at that time devastated many lives and property in many other places.

To add another fact, it is one of the tallest hills around the valley. It has gained higher in altitude than Chovar hill along with Shoyambhunath Temple. Altitude factor gives to grab spectacular view of Kathmandu valley from here. The view of lightening Kathmandu valley in the night also has different tastes. These days we can enjoy many big and tallest buildings which are erecting and shaping new Kathmandu valley from here. One can feel after being here, silently, Kathmandu valley - the inhabitant of more than 5 million people, is changing unnoticeably.

Other thing I don’t want to miss to mention is the Himalayan range that one can enjoy from here with a cup of coffee in hand and can have an awesome feeling. The Himalayan range seen from here is not less beautiful than it is viewed from Nagarkot, Dhulikhel , Lakure Vanjyang or any other popular spots around the valley.

It is also a rear hill around the valley which is totally invaded by houses. Houses over houses, how it is possible? This might be questions for every new passer by this hill. But in reality, though, it looks so dense, three ponds, three renowned temples have been hidden inside here. It is totally inhabited by newari peoples and their rich culture for of course is always intact. Most of the parts of Kirtipur have already been penetrated by outsiders but that kind of penetration is not possible in the case of this hill. That is why I have beckoned it as incredible.

In the night, the whole hill itself turned out to be like a big cruise that is sailing for its destinations. It is an easy view one can glance after sunset with darkness in sky supported by lighted electric bulbs of the houses. Wow! It is really a nice view one shouldn’t miss it.

It will be unfair if I don’t disclose about historical glory that this hill has in the past. The king from Gorkha, Pritvi Narayan Shah had to fight three times to win this tough hill. For the two consecutive times his fate lost in this hill. He also had to lose his beloved brother Kalu Pandey during the same war.

It is indeed, an incredible hill. So, my suggestion is – to visit this incredible hill checking all those parameters with visitors own eyes.


Text: Prabin Maharjan

Photo: Narayan Maharjan

Last Updated ( Friday, 29 March 2013 09:13 )  

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