Aug 21st
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Home Life Style Locality If not now then when? Using CFL bulb is only solution

If not now then when? Using CFL bulb is only solution

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Most of the times we hear about load shedding and the hydro electricity in terms of Nepal, darkness and inconvenience what come in our mind. Load shedding won't go away any time soon, it's a reality. I'll admit, and I am not an expert, but while writing my first article about electricity I learned more about problems than prospects I ever wanted to know and then some. But the most interesting fact was about new technologies that make CFL bulb one of the most efficient which keep capability to help country like Nepal in the power crisis in some extent.

Power demand tends to increase day by day but due to the sorry state of nation, we were unable to increase our supply accordingly. If we just ignore the problem it's for sure that we will be clamped with 20 hrs per day of hefty load shedding in the very near future. It is such a big problem, hard to believe but still reality. To deal the problem from the supply side is very difficult in the current situation so Nepal Electricity Authority has focused on demand side by introducing the "CFL ghardailo Abhiyaan". If we could replace our normal bulb with CFL, it could give more impetus in the step of reducing load shedding and using CFL bulb is only the solution.

CFL stands for compact florescent lamp are four times more efficient and last upto 10 times longer than normal bulbs. A 22 watt CFL has about the same light output as a 100 watt normal bulb. CFLs use 50 - 80% less energy than normal bulbs. Although initially more expensive, you save money in the long run because CFLs use 1/3 the electricity and last up to 10 times as long as normal bulbs. A single 18 watt CFL used in place of a 75 watt normal bulb will save about 570 kW over its lifetime. Newer CFLs give a warm, inviting light instead of the "cool white" light of older fluorescents. They use rare earth phosphors for excellent color and warmth. New electronically ballasted CFLs don't flicker or hum. CFLs can be applied nearly anywhere that normal bulbs are used.

For the initial phase, Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur district is chosen for "CFL ghardailo Abhiyaan". This is all meant that if someone buys at least one or more CFL bulb, the consumer will get maximum of two nos. of CFLs free of cost. It's just like buy one get one free offer which is applicable upto only two nos. Now, a new CFL revolution is at hand, it is going strongly in the area of Kirtipur as well.

NEA at Kirtipur has already distributed CFL selling coupon to all the consumers and all we have to do is to collect our free CFL buying at least one no. of CFL at own expenses. For the Kirtipur, Jitlal and Brothers Electric Stores is authorized dealer for the distribution of CFL. This scheme will be last upto Oct 20, 2009. For those who find it difficult to buy CFL bulb with instant payment may opt for installment basis. So, why be late to be associated with such a good start. It is very necessary that the scheme will go smoothly as implementation in the other area will solely depend upon Kathmandu and Lalitpur results. I am changing my normal bulbs, and you?

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