Oct 17th
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Bridging Kirtipurians, changing trend and internal tourism

Bridging Kirtipurians, changing trend and internal tourism

Here, the ways the trend has changed shaping internal tourism and kirtipurians whom were active player in the game were discussed in few paragraphs.

The trend has been changed in Kirtipur that actually it had, the few examples were discussed below but before this let’s do some time travel. Just before 10 years from now the scenario was much different. The majority of people from Kirtipur had not crossed Thankot Chekpost. They were busy fostering their culture and administering their occupations and enjoying their place of own. Only few students from here got chance to explore only few renowned places of the country during their educational visit. If there was any movement most of the cases was for trading purpose rather than tourism. These are some glimpses of the past.

Until we started visit our own places, we never know what it posses? And why tourists from other countries want to visit this country?  Internal tourism should be boost up to promote and developed places blessed with rich biodiversity and culture. It will help to uplift economic status of belonging peoples. We cannot solely rely on foreign tourist for our places to sustain every time since its number could increase or decrease with political scenario and world affairs. In the adverse case when the trend is decreasing the internal tourism has best thing to do it. On this front, this rhythm was very best carried out by kritipurians.

Now its 2012 January, time has been changed a lot from then taking a U turns, giving an internal tourism perfect path and shape. Within these few years the trend among Kirtipurians has been changed completely and the reasons behind were economic better off, awareness, face book, easy flow of communication etc. The one who used to enjoy the places in the photos loves to get in there for lively experience. Kirtipurians got to know travelling is the fun and the way of learning. For the many it becomes, vacation means travelling. There were hardly any place left which were not explored by Kirtipurians and we feel proud that even mount Everest is not left untouched.

Annapurna base camp trek, Everest base camp trek , Goisaikund trek, Mustang trek, Langtang regional trek were mostly favored trekking route of the youth from here. The taste of this category also lies in the adventurous site like rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding etc. Pokhara, Chitwan, Mankamana were favored by the people with family for their vacation. Lumbini, Gaya, Kayeshori, Baraha KShetra. Sworga Dwari are favored by old aged people.

When I was in 1020 km ride in the bike everywhere I’ve been, whether it is Pokhara, Lumbini, Chitwan or Motels along the highway I’ve met and seen the people from here enjoying their dashain vacation with friends, family even with fiancée. We the people, the traveler, though we were for the varied destinations, our motto was same – promoting internal tourism or taking internal tourism to new level.


Kirtipurians posing for photograph after rafting at Trishuli.

Youths from Panga, Kirtipur on the way to Lo-Manthang during November, 2011. (Photo: Surendra Maharjan)

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Opening up

Opening up

A teacher was asking a student to make a sentence with “I”. That student began the statement as, “I is…” he was soon interrupted by the teacher. The teacher told him that the verb for the pronoun ‘I’ is always ‘am’ and nobody should speak like that…. followed by a series of grammar lessons. Finally, the student was forgiven for the mistake and allowed to spoke up his sentence using ‘I’. He said, “I am the ninth letter of the English alphabet.

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