Misty morning @ Khokana (photo feature)

Wednesday, 28 December 2016 06:35 ourkirtipur

Temperature of Kathmandu Valley has dipped and hovered around 4-5 degrees in recent days, according to Meteorological Forecasting Division.

Although the cold is not as biting as it usually is during the end of December, the mornings and evenings are cold. The last week of December is usually the coldest week in Kathmandu Valley. The minimum temperature during this time remains around zero degrees.

However, according to weather expert Rajendra Prasad Shrestha, due to the effects of climate change, besides early mornings and evenings, Kathmandu Valley has lost its bite, so people feel warmer even in mid-winter, The Himalayan Times reports.

Here are some of the pictures of early misty morning by Merit Maharjan in and around Khokana.

Photo By:

Merit Maharjan

Text: Akash Maharjan

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