Apr 22nd
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A joyful moment from Hiking

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Literally, hiking means a short one day trek that is done in group. This time we think to try the new route. It was organized from Kirtipur to Vanjyang and Farphing with well planned.

For Saturday’s hiking, we started getting busy from Friday evening. We did purchase some dry foods and fruits. Some of our friends were busy managing small bags that they could take in next day. Everybody was excited to explore the new route including me. The captain of the team informed us to gather in Dhokashi, Panga around 6 am. We did accordingly. Prior, I was disturbed by alarm that is set in my mobile for 4am. Got up, did stretching work and took bath. Before to say, all set, I packed up my bag with food stuffs and water. I thought, I was late since I started getting calls. Quickly took few sips of black tea and rush to the Panga, the meeting point.

Our steps got movement around 6:15 am and reached Jhawahiti around 6:30 am. We stopped to fill up our empty bottles with water. Jhawahiti is a base from where the route took inclined path. We all were experiencing some difficulty since we were moving opposite to the gravity. Initial 15 mins hiking in inclined route made us to sweat. We started breathing fast. Speed was slow. However, same 15 mins of hiking also brought great excitement too. One of our members saw spotted deer in the jungle. He shouted like deer, deer….. Truly, one young deer passed nearby us. Deer was so quick that we were unable to protect it in camera’s frame.

Around 7 am, we reached Boson village. It is inhabited by most of the Tamangs. It is beautiful small village that is situated in the lap of Champadevi hill. If we were not taking the route that we followed, there is also second route that is from Chalnakhel which also leads to Boson. Both of the routes are equally popular. Village tea shop at Boson attracted us to spend some time there with enjoying milk tea. Milk tea was accompanied with Banana, biscuit and for some friends cigarette was in there list. Clicking photos started from there.


15 mins. of break gave us fresh energy to continue our journey again and we kept moving. In the way, we were entirely depended on bottle water since none of the water resources were found there. Sad part is, we found waste materials that have been thrown by visitors along the trail. After reaching Nhaacha, we were lucky enough to watch some new species of birds flying here and there just like they were annoying us. One of our friends was quick enough to change 300 mm lens in his DSLR and started clicking it. Our every moment was saved within the camera. Having and doing “masti” within the group we reached Vanjyang (approx. 1800m ) . We stopped there for a while to take some energy in the form of food. At the same place, we met a Canadian Citizen with his dog returning back visiting Champadevi mountain and also a teenage group doing hiking just like ours. Marvelous view was of the stone Trail that has been already built by armed police force with help of the local people.

From there our route took downward side that was more comfortable after reaching there. Going down was comparatively easy because gravity was pulling us. In the middle of the way, we met a local person and got some idea about the area. We proceeded further and reached football ground that has been built in such a height. Before reaching Pharping there is a jungle of red berries called kafal along the way. We all liked to taste it and did the same. It was a nice moment we all have. In this way, we reached Pharping and also Dakchinkali temple by walking around 6 hrs. We had our lunch there. Spending some time there, we got back to Kirtipur by taking local bus with tired body.


Text: Prabin maharjan

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