Paddy plantation starts in the Valley

Saturday, 24 June 2017 21:51 Merit Maharjan

Monsoon has started on time this year. Over past 24 hours (23-24 June 2017), Meteorological Forecast Division, has recorded 13 mm rain in the Valley.As most of the fields are rain-fed, farmers have already started planting paddy in their fields.

In 2016, paddy was grown in 13,62,908 hectares all over Nepal which produced 42,99,078 metric tons of rice with productivity of 3.154 ton/he.

Since the monsoon has started on time, people expect good harvest this year too.

The soil of Kathmandu valley is considered very fertile for the cultivation of paddy. Farmers here have been planting paddy in their fields since the beginning.The rice based agriculture is not only an important part of livelihood of the people here, but one of the major aspects of Newari culture inside the Valley as well.

Normally, farmers prepare the nursery on the last week of May and plant paddy in the muddy fields on the mid- to end-of-June.

Here are a few photographs captured by Merit Maharjan on 24 June 2017 at Khokana, Lalitpur.


Merit Maharjan

(He is student of Ethnomusicology at Kathmandu University and plays special effects in Manda: band. Traveling and photography is his passion. )

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