Sep 24th
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Panga, is situated south-west of Kirtipur Municipality is a typical Newari settlement. On its east lies Chobhar, Nagaon and Chhugaon on west, historical place kirtipur on north whereas Champadevi hill on south.This place is also known as Shankhapur, named after Lord Bishnu as Hari Binayak (Ganesh) temple of Dhusi Tole and Hari Shanker(Bishnu) temple of Lachhi tole are the ancient and main temples of this place.


However, it is widely known as Panga. A small river,Chikhu, as a border separates Panga and Kirtipur. Locals called this partition as "Pagu" or "Pa" that means separated and "Gan" implies "Gaon" or village. Afterwards it turned to Panga.


Similarly, from historical evidence, present Panga was a city with 300 houses established( Nepal Sambat 629-630) by King Ranta Malla during his reign for safeguarding Kirtipur which was named as "Pale Gaon" and thenafter turned to Panga. Panga is well-known for its culture and traditions.

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