Sep 20th
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Bagh Bhairab cleaning campaign is gearing up

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Since last month, Bagh Bhairab area cleaning campaign has reached its hype among community people and outsiders through Facebook. The campaign completed its 9th week where lots of local people and other enthusiasts are participating every Saturday morning. This movement is led jointly by youths of Bagh Bhairab and Centre for Integrated Urban Development (CIUD) from December 20, 2014.


Women cleaning Bagh Bhairab premises

Youths of Bagh Bhairab were worried and unhappy on poor management of Kirtipur municipality towards the waste management program around the Bagh Bhairab area from long time, even though municipality had assigned a swiping staff to clean around Dey Pukhu every day. This staff was only assigned to clean periphery of Dey Pukhu, but not motivated to clean around main temple premises, because of unsatisfactory salary given by municipality. This problem was hovering among the minds of youths from months, and had dialogs with elder persons for trying to figure out the solution to improve waste management program since last year.

A man cleaning Bagh Bhairab temple premises using a broom

They come up with new idea to improve on cleaning facility by adding little bit extra money with salary to motivate staff for extra duty. Since then, youth organization has collecting a nominal rental fee Rs 10 per day per a mobile vegetable vendor placed around the Dey Pukhu and from collected money they manage to add extra Rs.3000 money to that swiping staff. This improves the effectiveness on cleaning around both Dey Pukhu and temple premises.

Kids are active in cleaning campaign

“Even though, we’ve manage to extra money for swiping staff, this single staff unable to cleaning large area in and out of Bagh Bhairab premises and we were still facing same littering habit of local people” said Suddha Ratna Maharjan, leading campaigner from local youths. “For self sustained and well govern cleaning facility around Bagh Bhairab, we have register organization naming Bagh Bhairab Mandir Guthi Byawosthapan Samiti, which will function to manage facilities within Bagh Bhairab premises” added Suddha.

People working hard to clean forest area near by Bagh Bhairab temple

Mean time, CIUD had finished their Dey Pukhu project and still working for proper use of open spaces. They provided waste collecting bins around Dey Pukhu and temple area. “We are happy to help, promote locals on awaking to use trash bins and waste management” said Nabin Bikash Maharjan, project coordinator of CIUD for Kirtipur. CIUD and local youths joined their same motivation to make clean town and started work together to aware on waste management for Guthi members, Ama Samuha and youths.

At the same time Bagh Bhairab Mandir Guthi Byawosthapan Samiti put CCTVs for surveillance  around temple premises to improve close watch activities around temple premises. “One day we will display photos capture by CCTVs of persons who had littering wastes on premises of temple” Suddha said.

However, these groups are highly motivated through Bagmati Cleaning Campaign which completed its 93rd week. Suddha and Nabin are promising to produce a tipping point on cleaning campaign on Bagh Bhairab and motivated to build a clean heritage site and periphery; saving its antiquity through awakening local people’s habit from littering. “After completion of further 4-5th week of this campaign, we’ll build park behind temple site and will develop plastic, litter free Bagh Bhairab zone” finally added Suddha and Nabin.


By: Yogesh Maharjan

Photo: Shirish Maharjan


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