Jul 18th
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Inter ward Basketball Tournament Day-3

It was raining this morning. But didn't think games get postponed. It's a third day and we observed four more games. Up to today 12 matches has been played. At the same venue and same time four more exciting games is going to take place tomorrow so try to be there.

Yesterday we really praise ward no.3 (ka) for their better performance in previous game but this time they lost with ward no.16. In games we can't say anything, the only thing we can do is to predict and our prediction goes wrong. The score was 50 (ward no.3 ka) and 58 (ward no.16). The ward no. 16 and their leading 8 points turned out to be very lucky this day. In other game ward no.9 out-placed ward no.1 with 2 points. It was very competitive match, indeed. Luck is what we need in some situation to gain victory over rival team and this time luck was there with ward no.9.

We noticed, something was going wrong with ward no.11. Yesterday they gave walkover and in today's match also they lost with ward no.17 with huge difference. Their performance during the game was not up to a mark and some more practice and entry of some good players in the team could make a result difference. Let's see what will be their strategies in the future. To keep game in own control some predetermined strategies should work properly in the court, but every time this magic won't happen. But there is no way to say this for ward no.5 and yes ward no.4 has nothing remain in their hand besides saying we loose the game with ward no.5.

For today's concluding remarks, basketball is very popular among teens and most of colleges have basketball courts for the student and the basketball fever is rising slowly in the kirtipur and it will continue as ourkirtipur.com is covering all its new happenings. Just take a glance of,


Tomorrow's Games

Ward no. 9 Vs. 2

Ward no. 11 Vs. 5

Ward no. 1 Vs. 16

Ward no. 3(kha) Vs. 17

Time 7 am at Puspasadan's Basketball court.

Last Updated ( Monday, 13 September 2010 18:37 )


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