Jun 25th
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Inter-ward Basketball Tournament Day-2

Inter-ward Basketball Tournament Day-2

We were talking about.............., yes indeed; we were talking about 2nd inter-ward Basketball League Tournament. Today is the second day from the whole Tournament. For today, 4 games were scheduled to be played. No need to mention about the venue, it's the same good one, Puspa sadan's Basketball court. The matches were fixed between ward no. 3 (ka) and ward no. 9, ward no.3 (kha) and ward no. 5, ward no. 1 and ward no. 2 and finally, ward no. 4 and ward no. 11 respectively.

Today's matches at a glance, among these four matches, one unexpected thing that we never expect was walkover given by ward no.11 to the

Last Updated ( Monday, 13 September 2010 18:39 )


Second inter-ward Basketball Tournament inaugurated

Second inter-ward Basketball Tournament inauguratedOne more step in sports development by Kirtipur Sports Development Society, organizing 2nd Inter-ward Basketball League Tournament is very important event we were looking...

Last Updated ( Monday, 13 September 2010 18:41 )


The Panic of Football

The Panic of Football

There used to be time when football used to be the major sports played in Kirtipur. I have some vivid memories of school day when we regularly practiced football in TU st...

Last Updated ( Monday, 13 September 2010 18:45 )

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On-field disputes in the National Games

The Seventh National Games concluded yesterday in Biratnagar. 

- Akash Maharjan

The Lost Opportunity

During the last 10 years of acute problem of power shortage(loadshedding), which now seems...

-Bibek Dangol

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