Sep 26th
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Inter-ward Basketball Tournament Day-4

The day fourth means we were in the middle of the entire league tournament. We witnessed four more exciting games in the fourth day of the tournament. Reviewing today's matches ward no.1 was supremely good and with their outstanding performance, what to say, congratulations for the entire team securing their place in semifinal. Hip Hip Hurray. When the rival team is not in the form, the played game won't become game but more of play. Same things happened between ward no.1 and ward no.16. But the sad part was, ward no.16 couldn't match up with ward no.1 and gave the game away to the ward no.1 by 24 points.

Ward no.9 versus ward no.2 was another exciting game we had been through. If competition doesn't exist in the matches, then viewers get bored. Congratulations follow from ourkirtipur.com to the both of the team as they maintained competition through out the game. Nevertheless, the game went in the side of ward no.9 didn't mean that ward no.2 was bad team. They really played very well and ourkirtipur.com wants to reveal, hey guys u too are good, difference lies only in the luck.

Now can you guess, what would have been result between ward no5 and ward no.11. If I could do all this, I simply choose ward no.5 as I know ward no.11 is one of the weak teams and they had two losses in their hand. Now let me reveal, yes ward no.5 led ward no.11 by 5 points. The score was 36 and 41 of ward no.11 and ward no. 5 respectively. The last match was played between ward no.3(kha) and ward no.17. Ward no 17 secured their position for semi final leading the game with score 54 against 46.

Tomorrow's Games

Ward no. 3 (ka) Vs. Ward no. 2

Ward no. 17 Vs. Ward no. 5

ward no. 3(kha) Vs. Ward no. 4

word no. 9 Vs. Ward no. 16

Last Updated ( Monday, 13 September 2010 18:28 )


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