Sep 24th
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The Panic of Football

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There used to be time when football used to be the major sports played in Kirtipur. I have some vivid memories of school day when we regularly practiced football in TU stadium which is now converted into only cricket stadium in Kirtipur which is the only one cricket stadium in Nepal.

Those were the golden days for football lovers of this place. There used to be regular tournaments in that ground. That was the ground built only for football match. Though, it was built for university, it had provided platform for all football lovers of Kirtipur.

Football is the most popular sport around the globe. It is played everywhere, from the desert of Africa to Iceland of south and North Pole, from the Metro Cities of Europe to slums of Mumbai, from Himalayan ranges to Low lands. I doubt, if there is gravity enough to attract like earth, human must have played football in moon too. Just before the commencement of cricket stadium in TU ground many young talents were emerging. Once a year there used to be tournament and clubs from Kumari club, Panga, Bhajangal, Salayansthan, Nagaun and all from Kirtipur used to participate. The craze of football was on the summit at that time. More young guys were following football and some of them had true potential to reach national level. But now it has become a history.

Today football lovers are just confined to small paddy field for practice. There is neither good ground nor any tournaments being organized. Football is now third followed sports in Kirtipur. Basketball, due to its access to court, is number one and cricket is gaining popularity day by day.

Kirtipur is proud to have one and only international cricket ground in the nation. In the vary ground Nepal learned the game and now we have fun memories of our national cricket team being victorious in different championship in different age groups. In the sense the ground is the pilgrimage of all cricket lovers of the country. Being poor is itself a punishment. Our nation is unable to build two stadiums for two sports. Even the cricket stadium is built on the sponsorship of Zee sports, India. But the irony is that it was built in the expense of only football ground in Kirtipur. Many new cricket grounds are on the way of construction around the country. But we are devoid of football ground and are compelled to be groundless until and unless some miracle happens. Till today we haven't heard a word regarding a new football ground in Kirtipur.

In this regard we have meeting with Mr. Pradeep Maharjan, President of Kirtipur Sports Society. According to him Kirtipur Municipality has provided fund of Rs 5 lakhs and a dozer for new football stadium near Ayurvedic campus in TU premises some years back. But due to lack of continuous funding and political commitments the project was stopped there itself. Since then both Kirtipur Municipality and TU are not sincerely concerned about the issue. And for now there is no hope about new football ground in and around Kirtipur.

The new generation is forced to choose other sports due to lack of ground and the talent is declining. Until Nepal government and Sport Council or Kirtipur Municipality becomes concerned about the issue, the solution seems to be a far possibility. We have no choice but wait and watch, "Someday the sky will fall and we will catch the larks".

Sudimna Dahal

Salyanthan, Kirtipur

Last Updated ( Monday, 13 September 2010 18:45 )  

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