Aug 17th
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Home Entertainment Music Manda: getting inspired from culture and tradition

Manda: getting inspired from culture and tradition

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Manda: is a folk and fusion instrumental ensemble band typically formed in Kirtipur, Kathmandu which aims to promote and preserve Nepal’s traditional instruments whereas continue the modern musical instruments as well ,via music. There are six young and energetic band members they are Swarnim Maharjan, Biplap Maharjan, Merit Maharjan, Robish Shrestha, Ashesh Bajracharya and Manish Gandharva.

On the occasion of Manda:’s sixth anniversary, ourkirtipur took an interview with band Members. Here it goes:

OURKIRTIPUR: What type of band are you?

Manda: As per a specific Genre , we would like to call us “Folk and Fusion Instrumental Band”

OURKIRTIPUR: Tell us the brief history of your band.
Manda: It was on last Sunday we celebrated our 6th Anniversary in our Music House. It’s been six years (2008 AD) our band got established on the occasion of Krishna Janmasthami. There used to be a show at the night of Krishna Janmasthami . At that time we just played as a group, we did not have any name. Raman Maharjan, renowned and senior flutist suggested name “ Manda:” from then we are MANDA:BAND.

OURKIRTIPUR: Who are your musical and non-musical influences?
Manda: Like, as a band this question is very hard , may be like we could say individually how each of the band members got influences ? We think we are different from one to another like we are from different backgrounds .If you like to hear about the musical influences then we can enlist the name “RUDRA-BAND”. Moreover, our culture is the biggest thing inspiration and 75% of instruments now we play are traditional instruments.

OURKIRTIPUR: What are your dreams and goals


  • Making a first record for the album so far.
  • Playing gigs in every place of Kathmandu Valley and outside.
  • Collaborating the western instruments with the international artists.
  • Doing few tours around Nepal and if luck takes us to another country then why not ? (haha)

OURKIRTIPUR: What was the most memorable show you did till today?

Manda: Every shows are memorable because in every show we got to meet new people, new lessons, inspirations and motivations. Till today we have done more than seventy shows but probably the tour to Lucknow, India and being the winner of South Asian Orchestra Competition 2012 organized by CMS(City Montessory School), India was the best ever .We are very proud that we got to show our music into an international stage and moreover representing our country “Nepal”.

OURKIRTIPUR: What inspires you to do what you do?
Manda: We guess our culture , lifestyle and people. We are just taking our traditional instruments to the stage and show people how beautiful could it be after fusing all the instruments. We can have head-banging music from our local traditional instruments as well; not just via the western ,we are -capable of our very own music.

OURKIRTIPUR: When can we expect new music from Manda:?
Manda: We are working on few projects for now, and we are working on our 1st record as well. Might be at the end of this year, we are planning. For now you can listen us in Youtube & Soundcloud. We have already made some own tracks like Sasankal,Naya soch,Bagaicha and so on.

OURKIRTIPUR: What are the biggest obstacles for bands?

Manda: Obstacles? There is no such kind of obstacles till now, as per we are working like a family, we are good in our work. We have many helping hands. Our band manager Raman Maharjan has been very good to us and inspires us time and again. Sometimes frustration arises while composing music when things do not work out as we imagine except that , we are out of obstacles (haha)

OURKIRTIPUR: What advice would you give to fellow bands?

Manda: We would just say , we should practice our own instruments and culture than that of western culture not just because it’s our identity, it’s our duty as well. Being in music makes you feel happy and happiness is what we all want in our life. So do music as long as you can hold the breathe.

OURKIRTIPUR: Anything else you want to say to our readers?

Manda: Gradually the music industry is being good here in Nepal, people are paying for the musicians in gigs & shows. We should support the Nepali Music. We would like to thank entire team of “OurKirtipur” to cover us here and all friends, families, fans for their support till today. Because of you people we are here, and we feel very glad to get your tremendous support and hope same in future. Thank you all for reading this interview. Please support Nepali Music .It’s us who can change “hamiley nagare kasley,ailey nagare kailey”.

Website: www.facebook.com/mandabandofficialpage (Manda:Band) / www.mandaband.blogspot.com


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