Sep 26th
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Home Education Career Bridge course or not?

Bridge course or not?

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When I finished my SLC back in 2061, I was in firm determination that I would not join a bridge course.The reason is, I was made believe that the bridge courses don't serve you anything.

It is just a waste of time and money. And then a college, in which the +2 coordinator was my dad's friend, started to conduct this course called "activation classes". The name was different from "bridge course" and everybody thought so was the case with the course. I got convinced and joined the course. It turned out, it's nothing different from a bridge course. But it sure did change my perception towards a bridge course. Although there were some other benefits specific to that "activation classes", here's what I think in general about bridge courses:


Studying is never a loss. So many times we're told not to waste time studying something that does not help your career. But how are we to decide what our career is, if we don't explore? Studying never makes you less smart. Whenever you study, whatever you study, you are doing two things: gathering information and organizing the gathered information. And when you are at the prime time of your life to decide where you will go in the future, gathering as much information as possible and processing them is never a loss.

Three months is enough time for you to lose your habit of studying. Especially when it comes to formal education, you need momentum because no matter whoever says whatever, in the present scenario, when it comes to formal education, you study in pressure. When that pressure is lifted off suddenly, then there's high possibility that it grows uncontrollable. There is three months of time (this duration is decreasing year by year, which could be good or bad according to how you perceive) is what you get between your final SLC exam and its results to be published. If you lose your momentum of studying that you had gathered during the preparation of your SLC examination in these three months, then it will be quite difficult to gather that momentum in few months of enrolling to a new school for your +2 studies. And believe me, loss of 2-3 months in the beginning of a +2 school is a loss of lifetime. Bridge course could be the "bridge" to keep your momentum going.

Adapting in a different culture is always a boon. When you are in school, you don't have to worry much about a culture different from the one in your locality. Especially when it comes to local schools in a suburb like Kirtipur, interaction with people with different cultures is rare. Life in higher studies is a lot different. Not only that you are in a new building with new course books and new teachers, you will be with a whole new set of friends each of whom comes from very different backgrounds, unique ones. Friends in bridge course give you a 'preview' of what to expect in any school you'll be going to in near future.

Of course, bridge course is not the best thing you could do during this holiday. A lot of people argue against bridge course just because there are better ways to utilize the time you'll be having. Some of them really are a lot better.

Traveling. If you have enough budget for traveling 2 long months, then nothing can be better! However, traveling haphazardly does you little good than just "peace of mind" and nature sighting. So, plan your travelling. Keep in mind about your budget and plan the activities accordingly. Seek for any relatives or people who can provide you with accommodation in cheaper cost. Plan for each day what you will be doing. You could do a small research on the cultures of the places you will be visiting. Plan the interviews and questionnaires. Plan recreational activities like cycling the town, boating if you're traveling to some places where boating is available, plan for adventurous activities like paragliding, bungee jumping, rock climbing, etc. if you enjoy them. Just plan for everything and head out for a journey!

Study. "No more studying after SLC, please!" But studying is the best way to keep your mind occupied. Study fictions. Novels are great reads. And once you get used to reading novels, believe me, you won't stop.

Prepare a research paper. If you're not a type of person who would want to go out and do some adventures and you have a good internet connection at where you stay, then preparing a paper on your subject of interest can be one of the best ways to utilize long holidays. You don't have to be an expert. The internet is an ocean of information. If you just know how to search, then there's no better teacher than the internet. You could even search how to utilize your holiday in the internet!

Learn new things. Most of the SLC appeared students actually do this; the most common is computer courses. During our time (a decade ago), because the use of computers was not as intense as it is now, basic computer course was the most popular computer course. But since most schools today already have computer course in their curriculum, graphic designing course is being popular. Though web designing courses are also available, they might be a bit too complex for this level.

Other new skills you could learn can be to play a musical instrument like a guitar or a piano or a violin. You could learn swimming, a new language, learn to type Nepali, learn to cook different dishes, learn to ride a bike, etc.

The options are boundless. You could do multiples of above activities even while taking bridge courses. You could even think of your own and get going. Just make a superficial plan of the number of holidays you'll be getting. Or you could even make plan for just a week and then plan for another week after the end of the first week and so on. Bridge courses are beneficial. But it might not be a good idea to limit yourself to them.


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Akash Maharjan

(Writer blogs at www.hamropaalo.blogspot.com)

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