Aug 21st
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Home Education Career An exclusive interview with nitesh, SLC topper from Pushpasadan in the year 2065.

An exclusive interview with nitesh, SLC topper from Pushpasadan in the year 2065.

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The exclusive interview of Nitesh Banskota, school topper from Pushpasadan Boarding High School , in the year 2065 with ourkirtipur.com, here it goes.

From : Nitesh Banskota
School : Pushpasadan B.H. School

Q.n.1 Good marks and science in +2, how do you relate it?

I think a good marks is a plus point to study science but it does not mean that a student securing satisfactory marks can't handle science. It totally depends upon the student's interest. A student who is better in Science can be weak in other subjects. But the colleges nowadays give priority to the distinction marks only. The main thing to focus here is what the student's capability is. His past records can be observed.

Q.n.2 S.L.C is considered as an Iron Gate and in the past it has got some relevance as well. But with a new curriculum in circulation how practical do you think the word can go along with?
S.L.C had got relevance in the past and will get the same in the future too. According to me, S.L.C can be still considered as a Iron Gate. The curriculum has been changed according to the time. A student spends 13 years of his life in the school. This S.L.C is a great achievement for him so it is a iron gate.

Q.n.3 The government has adopted new policy in Education to increase the passed percentage in the S.L.C and got succeeded to some extent, the fact shown by recent S.L.C result. How often do you think the adopted policy is, right policy, wrong policy or policy without any policy?
I think, in this case government can't be blamed. The student should get what he deserves. 13 years of his hard labor well deserves to get passed out securing goods marks. In fact, we must take it positively.

Q.n.4 As you are school topper of your respective school, how were your experiences of competing with your own companion in one hand and competing with the best brain from the rival schools in the other hand?
Talking about my school, all the competitors were good friends of mine. The competition was always tuff among us. I never thought about my rival schools. I never thought for their downfall but I always worked hard to rise up myself and I think this is what a student should do. Others downfall can't be your success. But it always feels good to get to the top where I am now.

Q.n.5 Getting good marks in S.L.C is not an end in itself, there is lots of road ahead, only the best will win, this is the universal principle. Now would you mind to tell us, what will be your strategies for Long run, then?
S.L.C is not an end but is a beginning. This is an encouragement of a student. A student should work 10 times harder than in S.L.C for better result in future and my strategies will be the same.

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