Jul 18th
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Kirtipur Municipality geared up for establishing IT-empowered Kirtipur

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With the aim to flourish IT industry and provide a roadmap for IT development in Kirtipur, a workshop was organized at Krishna Catering, Nayabazar, on 25th November, Saturday. The workshop entitled "IT, its opportunity and Role of Municipality" saw participants from telecommunications, private software companies, programmers, students, municipality, and experts from different sectors and was inaugurated by Ramesh Maharjan, Mayor of Kirtipur municipality.

The seminar focused on generating and collecting ideas regarding establishing IT industry in the locality and the participants presented their views on strength, challenges, and opportunities of IT and discussed the long and short-term plans to achieve the same. On the other hand, the roles and responsibilities of municipality and commitments from the individual and local groups were also conversed.

Alongside the benefits of IT, the attendees also opined their perspectives on how the utilization of IT can boost the overall economy of Kirtipur by improvising sectors like Education, Health, and Science. This is the principal workshop of its kind and to achieve our objective of developing Kirtipur as an IT-enabled cultural city, the conference as such plays a vital role.

Photos: Yogesh Maharjan

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