Indrayani Jatra: Victory over Evil

Friday, 01 December 2017 12:34 Chankuu Shree Shrestha

Indrayani Jatra, a three-day festival and one of the most celebrated festivities in Kirtipur, was recently concluded. Due to the high level of enthusiasm with which the festival is celebrated in Kirtipur, it is also popularly called Kirtipur Jatra. Indrayani is considered one of the mother goddesses who protect the valley.

Amid the day of the celebration, the god is conveyed in an embellished chariot by worshippers wearing ethnic wears and is carried to each toles of Kirtipur in a melodic parade for the dedicated to pay homage.

As per legends, during the Malla regime, there lived a demon in Kirtipur. It used to feed on human. One day, a prince came to the village and took shelter in home of an old couple. One of them had their turn to go to the demon the following day and learning about the human-feeding-demon, the prince asked the couple to let him go to the demon.

The prince turned out to be goddess Indrayani in disguise. She finished the demon and peace prevailed in the town. Since then, the jatra has been a tribute to goddess Indrayani and is celebrated to cherish victory over evil.

Here are few photographs taken during Jatra by Yogesh Maharjan and Merit Maharjan.

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