Jul 18th
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Bishnudevi Jatra celebrated with zeal

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Bishnudevi Jatra celebrated with zeal When winter slowly engulfs the Kathmandu valley, Kirtipur turns splendid with festivity of Saat Gaule Jatra, also known as Nhegaa Jatra. The jatra is celebrated with high spirit in seven villages namely Kirtipur, Nagauun, Panga, Tapakhya, Lhyukhaa, Satungal and Machegaun. Among all the seven jatras, Panga Jatra is the first of all.

In Panga jatra, goddess Bishnudevi and Balkumari are combinedly worshipped so the jatra is also popularly called Balkumari Jatra. The first day of the jatra is called “Mu Ya”. On this day, perfectly enlivened chariot of Bishnudevi is carried to Bishnudevi Temple at Bajhangal during a march led by the traditionally dressed devotees playing traditional musical instruments.

On the following day called “Sinhajya”, the chariot is taken out on a procession through Panga. People take goddess Bishnudevi and Balkumari as the image of power and believe that participating in the chariot march helps one to achieve a healthy and prosperous life. Here are some photographs taken by our photographers Yogesh Maharjan and Shirish Maharjan.

Photo: Yogesh Maharjan/ Shirish Maharjan

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