Sep 26th
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Home Business Market Houses Bloom, Will It Blossom Economy too?

Houses Bloom, Will It Blossom Economy too?

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This article portrays the story about proliferating housing business and its present secnario in the context of ancient historical city Kirtipur. Renting a room is the old and successful business since the past for the local people of the Kirtipur. It is a good source of money for the majority of people around here. The recent increasing trend in demand for room in area has secured this easy business for future too. The nation’s first and largest Tribhuvan University, situated in the realm of the Kirtipur, is the one of the important pillars to support this business from the past to till now.

The Kirtipur is going through unprecedented rate of population growth. There are already too many houses and new buildings are erecting by day & night. Thanks to the kirtipurians whom were putting so much effort to bring more of rooms for needy persons. Despite that, the growing demand for room is not met. Every new people have to struggle here to get a room. Spending weeks in search of room is not a big deal. The condition shows much worse with people starting to book a room in newly uncompleted houses with some money as an advance in prior. Someone’s bad luck turned out to be others good luck. But for the some, it is good news who has taken a loan from a bank to build houses around.

If we review economic theory for the help, it simply tells us that the increase in price is outcome when demand exceeds the supply. So was the case in the area that excess demand for the room is pulling the prices up. The room seekers were force to pay highly rated price. These days the price of room ranges in Kirtipur from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3000 per month which in some cases is relatively higher than the price charged in the New Baneshwar area.

What the Kirtipur has to offer that people didn’t mind paying the high price for the room they owned? The answer follows certain stuffs. Kirtipur was historically sustainable and well managed place from environmental, ecological, and system of infrastructure point of view. It is just a 7 km distance from the heart of city. As Tribhuvan University in its lap, students get easy access for it. The modern Kirtipur has developed in such a way that it has got everything to offer that comes in the list of students in very reasonable price. Less polluted, cool environment, no drastic shortage of water than others part of town, warm people, good security, Newari culture and tradition entertaining throughout the year are the other things behind the people here.

As the population is increasing in the area, lots of problems are already started to float in the surface. The ground water level of water is already depleting, good fertile land has been converted into unmanaged concrete jungle, environmental condition of kitipur is speedy decline and it has listed herself in the cluster of crowdie place. To keep the prestigious value of Kirtipur up, the concerned authority, local stakeholders and whole Kirtipurians should have definite plan to safe land of the Kirtipur in the long run that assured us demand for room won’t fall . As the two parties are engaged in the game we should think of no party looses within situation in the game. This is very necessary because we have already invested several cores of money in erecting new buildings and if there is no demand for the room then what we are going to do for those ghostly houses. There is a big question….

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