Sep 24th
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Home Business Market Shopping at Kirtipur could be fun, let's find it out how?

Shopping at Kirtipur could be fun, let's find it out how?

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Kirtipur is on the way of searching its lost identity of the past and it got succeeded in some extent with Tribhuvan University in its lap. To make a race with already established city like Katmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur and what makes Kirtipur reserved were competitors are more superior to us. The emerging of Kirtipur out from Kathmandu is one of the big achievements for kirtipurians because prior to this, we were some where lost inside the Kathmandu. We were totally dependent to Kathmandu for our most of basic needs. There is less shops only and for small and small things we've to head for Katmandu. Now it won't be wrong, if we consider this as past scenario as time has changed and we were accessed with almost everything at our nooks and corners. Is it the sign of development? Don't know.

Dashain and shopping both comes together, hand by hand and absence of one couldn't explain others completely. Everybody loves shopping and of course me too. Shopping during Dashain, is it necessary or fashion? Don't know. During this Dashain I just visit almost every renowned shopping complex till my pocket support. With handful of bags in hands, shortly I realized something very unique and very special. What I did was very wrong, indeed. The same shopping could be done in Kirtipur why I m here in New road? The Zara collection, Chandan Stores, B.C. collection and some others are the name located at Kirtipur where we can find some better substitutes.

Before all this, while I was in lift of Bishal Bazaar I realized that I haven't got enough money in my wallet for shopping, oh god! And I planned to opt for my second option was to draw some money using my card. Dashain and ATMS counter in New Road, what to mention more, few of ATMs were already out of money and in some few, there were long queue. And I again I remember Kirtipur, if I was there for shopping I won't be with these sort of problems as there were 3 ATMs counter of three different banks form where I can simply draw my money without less effort.

With a great shopping and tired body we felt some hungry and decided to have something and while paying the bill, found that it's really very expensive as compared to our local restaurants. Our local restaurants like Namaste, dim light, pool side and may others, where we can simply get all the foods in reasonable price. I feel like, I loose more of my money.

I returned home with some joy and managed to look over my new jeans. But found defective piece and my all joy go to water. It makes me upset and quickly planned to change that piece. While I was on the way to New Road, I again remember Kirtipur, if I had done my shopping at Kirtipur, it will be easier for me to change my defective piece so easily than in New Road. It's totally wastage of time and money off course for me.

During Dashain shopping in Kathmandu could be hard than expected. It is very difficult to get through by micro buses and even though, if we prefer bike there is lots of problem for parking and even though we were lucky in getting parking lot, for every parking we were charged Rs.10 per hour. One very thing we must notice was that there is lots of very chances to get certain stuffs cheaper in Kirtipur than in Kathmandu. This is all because the rent of the room is very less as compared to the room of renowned shopping complexes. With all these shopping at Kirtipur could be fun and I guess so.

There are some reasons to do shopping in Kirtipur. The rent of shops is far cheaper than Kathmandu. Most of the shop owners of shops are house owners also. Due to this they keep fewer margins which effectively reduce the cost. Other thing to notice is that most of the costumers are the students. So the price are kept according their budget. All these makes shopping in Kirtipur a better choice. Leather shoes and winter wares like jackets of Kirtipur are famous around Kathmandu due their durability and reasonable price. So I have changed my mind about shopping in Kathmandu. I will first search in Kirtipur and then only run towards Kathmandu. What about you?

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