Sep 20th
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Home Business Market Sajha, lauda and other many names but the bus is same.

Sajha, lauda and other many names but the bus is same.

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With an unanimous effort of inhabitants of Kirtipur, Kirtipur Yatayat Sewa got started in 2053 B.S. It was inaugurated by then transportation minister Bharat Mohan Adhikari. The main purpose of bringing big buses in Kirtipur was to provide a safe and comfortable ride to its people at minimum charge and get the inhabitants' rid of problematic mini buses. The reckless driving of mini buses, their uncultured dispositions towards women, their abusive language and disgustingly long waits at stops were getting intolerable for our people. They seemed rather primarily focused on maximizing profit than on consumer's satisfaction. So, with shares distributed among the inhabitants itself, the transportation service was established with group effort.

The combined capital from different share holders could afford to run only three buses initially. But with unprecedented profit up to Rs.40,000-50,000 per day, it bought three more buses in its successive year and the number reached up to eighteen including four small ones. The people of Kirtipur were much relieved now to have comfortable buses and travel without any problem. "It charged only Rs.3 per person till Ratnapark in the beginning", says Siddhi Kumar Manandhar, member of Kirtipur Transportation Service, remembering old days. Manandhar adds, "It was in profit till 2062 B.S." Its downturn started when the microbuses, so called "Hiaces" entered the market. It was utterly the biggest challenge for the big buses. Where the big buses took at least 30 mins. to reach Ratnapark. Hiace would reach there in 20 mins. by squeezing more people in its small confined area. As the number of vehicles rose distinctly in roads, the big buses like that of Kirtipur seemed a mere scotch in traffic jams. People now preferred hiace to bus.

The time was changing and people in their busy lives couldn't gather patience to travel in buses. They simply opted for that medium which would reach their destinations faster. With prolific loss from beginning of hiace and consistent traffic jams, it reached in a state that it couldn't even gather budget for mending its damaged buses. It sold seven of its vehicles among eighteen and four of them are still in a damaged condition with three big and four small buses on run. Manandhar further adds, they were planning to add small buses in the route by near future but didn't mention about the time. Nevertheless, this is very great news for us.

Business is all about, taking risk between profit and loss. Profit should be enhanced and loss should be minimized. Now in this point, Kirtipur Yatayat Sewa has two things ahead. Whether to go for liquidity state by selling all the buses or to begin with new policy. When Kritipur Yatayat Sewa was launched, minibuses were crying now its turn for Kirtipur yatayat sewa. If any one wants to be in business they should have certain strategies to beat their rival. In both of cases, Kirtipur Yatayat Sewa was unsuccessful. Still being big, they have got lots of opportunities ahead. For the picnic purposes this vehicle is very popular. They can charge little less compared to hiace because they have high turnover with high seat capacity. They can introduce small buses to give tough competition to the hiace. In the actual sense, people are really looking for other substitute in the case of hiace. They are using 2 seats for three people, isn't it disgusting? It's very difficult to make journey in the microbus by standing. These things may be plus point for Kirtipur yatayat Sewa. People are waiting eagerly to hear some new start from our renowned transportation service. The other things, we shouldn't forget is only microbus is not sufficient as it couldn't meet current demand. We don't want monopoly in the case of transportation. When there are two or three players, competitions will be enhanced and consequences will be seen in terms of better services and cheaper price. If we were not in hurry, let's prefer Kritipur Yatayat for hiace, let's help to ply once again these buses in the road. It is only possible with the help of general public.

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