Sep 26th
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Small and cottage industry- source of income for many

Small and cottage industry- source of income for many
The beauty of Small and cottage industry is all about; it utilizes local resources and skill transforming it into new goods where value added is done at remarkable level. These industries has provided fresh job to many Nepalese helping them to generate some income. Here we are going to present case study of Panga where small and cottage industry is flourishing in its initial stage inspiring many to make their hand dirty for their livelihood.

It was good Saturday morning. We had couple of tea at a local tea shop. Then we went to Mrs. Mandevi and Mr. Upendra’s home at Dhokashi, Panga. Both of them were at “Baiga” (a top floor in newar traditional house normally used as kitchen and dining room). We were amazed to see the Baiga which was filled with textile stocks, screen print frames and bags with smell of fresh ink. The couple was busy with their sewing machine nearby big windows.

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Youth Entrepreneurship: the need of today

Youth Entrepreneurship: the need of today

Foreign employment and remittance are always hot issues in our town. People are seeking job and country is not doing well in reducing unemployment rate. Consequently, there are high rate of brain drain. If it persists in the same rate, there will be such days when there will remain just senior citizens and children in Nepal. So, this is a big issue and should be handled very carefully and properly. Responsibility falls more on youths to carry out this issue.

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