Sep 26th
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Home Business Entrepreneurship Mandala Book Point: Readers’ third eye

Mandala Book Point: Readers’ third eye

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Words mean more than merely the content of an article to a man whose entire living is devoted to it. Madhav Lal Maharjan, the curtain raiser of Mandala Book Point located at Kantipath in Kathmandu, enjoys being surrounded by words to satisfy every reader’s hunger for knowledge. A feeling of sense of vision getting wider is not a dream being with him among the Mandala premises. He is there to serve readers with all his energy and knowledge to help fulfill the query.

Seeing a seed in a big tree with all its branches, flowers and fruits is easy but seeing tree in a small seed, you need great vision and openness. The days he spent waiting for the readers in a small shop surrounded by books during late 1970’s was not everyday a pleasing task. The literacy rate was very low; freedom of expression and dissemination of knowledge was not so much open like nowadays. But the spirit of passion, sincerity and dedication has always guided him and there were and there are supporters for a good cause that help him achieve a pond full of water with droplets of efforts.

Believing opportunities floating in air, he emphasizes ideas, inquisitive mind and courage in order to grab those; the dynamic quality to accept and going with the flow of change certainly contribute to make entrepreneur a success. He welcomes even paradigm shifting if required as per the need of time, place and situation. Definitely the world might not be easy without email, internet and e-books in today’s world, but he admires that a taste of reading books gives readers a magical satisfaction.

There are many case stories of prominent readers in his wisdom temple meeting and helping who make him feel pride. He is to serve readers; is doing and will do to content every reader’s heart. Apart from being successful entrepreneur his contribution is remarkable as educationist, social worker and managing director of educational institutions. More information about Mandala can be accessed from the website www.mandalabookpoint.com.

Text: Binay Maharjan

Photo: Narayan Maharjan

Last Updated ( Saturday, 28 March 2015 18:04 )