Sep 26th
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Youth Entrepreneurship: the need of today

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Foreign employment and remittance are always hot issues in our town. People are seeking job and country is not doing well in reducing unemployment rate. Consequently, there are high rate of brain drain. If it persists in the same rate, there will be such days when there will remain just senior citizens and children in Nepal. So, this is a big issue and should be handled very carefully and properly. Responsibility falls more on youths to carry out this issue.

Though, our youth seeks foreign employment, they are not earning the handsome money as they are unskilled as compared to the workers from other countries. So,it’s better to start in our own country and in our own place. Let’s think differently, not as a worker but as an entrepreneur that provides many jobs to the needy one.

This time we are very grateful to share successful story of Bhuwan and his friends. Bhuwan is a student of MBA and photography is his hobby. In leisure time, he loves to spend his time with his DSLR camera. What he has read in the MBA course is theoretical and here with his five friends, he is doing some practical stuff.

What do they have? They have some new ideas to do with 14 Ropanies of land in their locality. Since last three years, their land is being busy producing high value vegetables. Sworajgar agricultural farm located in the Kowena, Jalbinayek, well handled by 6 teammates is what we are talking about.

There they have introduced drip water irrigation system to irrigate their land to resolve the problem of water scarcity. This is a new agriculture technology in the area. Market for the product they produce is not a problem as a local market is consuming whatever they are producing and seeking for even more.

Inside the plastic tunnels they are producing high quality tomato, cabbage and cauliflower. For us this is not a tomato, not a cabbage even not a cauliflower but we could see it as money, lots of money in the plastic tunnels as a reward for hardworking teammates.  In long term planning they have thought for organic vegetables farming. In the middle of the farm there is an old house and they are planning to renovate it as a “Bio-farm restaurant” for visitors in coming days. What a great plan!

The nutshell is, instead of seeking foreign employment we could do many things in our own place, 'sworojgar farm' is only an example.

We can use our land to go with cash crop or animal husbandry since it will give higher returns than previous one. Market is very competitive so cost of production should be lowered as far as possible for whatever we produce. We could do it with doing it in higher scale. To do anything in higher scale, we need higher capital and no need to worry as bank is there to provide credit to every enthusiastic entrepreneur.

Text: Prabin Maharjan

Photos: Narayan Maharjan

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