Aug 21st
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नेपाल संवत् या परिचय

प्राचीन इलंनिसें विश्वय् यक्व हे सम्वत्त चले जुया: वयाच्वंगु दु । उकिइ मध्ये नेपाल सम्वत् नं छगू ख: । भौगोलिक रुपं नेपा: छगू चीधंगु देय् जूसां नं थ:गु हे थीथी तजिलजिं विश्वय् म्हसीका बिया वयाच्वंगु दु । नेपालभाषा, नेपाललिपि, नेवा: संस्कृति व नेपाल संवत् थ्व प्यता नेपा:यात म्हसीकेगु तत्व ख:। उकि विश्वय् थ:गु गौरवताया प्रतीक न्ह्यब्वय्गु झवलय् नेपाल संवत्यात न्ह्य:ने मत:से मगा:त ।

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(In the context of Nepal)
Belief which is not based on human reason or scientific knowledge but is connected with old ideas about magic, supernatural things, etc. Human beings are loitering in tumultuous of superstition without any cost in our society. These human beings came to existence in this world from uncivilized era to scientific era. Our society is not fully developed yet because the superstition is still buried in men's mind. The superstition is not only the major problem of our country it is also found in some other developing countries. Most of the people in this world are theists. They think that God is omnipresent. Those who consider that they are atheists, they ensue the social custom, norms and values to some extent.

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