Apr 22nd
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Matsyanarayan temple and Manabas Mela

Matsyanarayan temple and Manabas Mela

Matsyanarayan (Sanskrit: matsya meaning fish, narayan= a protector Hindu God-form of Lord Vishnu) is regarded as the first incarnation of Vishnu “Matsya Avatar” whose lower half is fish and upper half is human. This incarnation is believed to save Manu, a great teacher and law-giver, from a terrible flood which was about to destroy all life (Majupurias, 2011). Matsyanarayan temple situated at south west of Kirtipur is a heritage site rich in natural and cultural beauty. The temple area comprises of ponds, idols of different deities, chaityas, Vishnudevi temple etc. The hill covered with forest and vegetation creates so fresh environment that one cannot stop feeling calm, quiet and relax being there.

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आदिनाथ मेला सुरु

आदिनाथ  मेला सुरु

सदाझैँ यस वर्ष पनि आदिनाथमा एक महिना लामो मेला सुरु भएको छ ।  कोजा...

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तीज भव्यरुपमा मनाइयो

तीज भव्यरुपमा मनाइयो

हिन्दु नारीहरुको महान् पर्व हरितालिका तीज कीर्तिपुरमा पनि भव्य...

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National Lakhe Dance Competition

As we all know that the traditional Lakhe Dance is on the verge of extinction and it needs to be protected and preserved for our future generation especially for the Newa...

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नेपाल संवत् या परिचय

प्राचीन इलंनिसें विश्वय् यक्व हे सम्वत्त चले जुया: वयाच्वंगु दु ...

Last Updated ( Saturday, 25 September 2010 18:58 )

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