Nakhu Kwa siu oneu jatra

Sunday, 25 March 2018 17:39 ourkirtipur

“Nakhu Kwa siu oneu” jatra is an annual festival that is celebrated in the memory of the day when Adinath was found at the “Gwa tirtha”, junction of Nakhu and Bagmati river. According to legends, one of the cow herder- Gwala or Gopala, in that particular site of river, saw his cow showering milk (this act is similar to the description we found in discovery of Pashupatinath) and when examined found Adinath there.

The identification and an attempt to bring Adinath above the river was in the morning however, it took Gwala and some of his friends the day to pull out from the stuck place.

Meanwhile other villagers who were eagerly waiting for God managed to brought musical instruments like Dhime baja, Kaan: baja, Dhaa: baja and Nayakhii baja in the place to welcome Adinath.

So, every year people of Chobhar and surroundings organize huge jatra on this day with special rituals and bring the God in the temple.

"Daskarma"-Life ritual celebration of Adinath Lokeshwor is also performed at mid-night

Photo: Biplab, Newton, Shashish

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