Nala Karumaya Jatra-Chariot Festival

Tuesday, 06 March 2018 15:58 Binay

20th Falgun 2074, Nala Karunamaya- Bodhisattva of Compassion, is said to be at least a day in the chariot in a year for roaming around the locality in order to provide "Darshana" -hearing the pledges and receiving the gratitude of devotees, especially of those who could not come for that in the temple due to illness, old age, busy schedules etc. As annually on the date of Chaitra Krishna Pacha Tritiya (date based on Lunar calendar), Nala Karunamaya chariot festival was celebrated on the day this year on 20th Falgun.

Nala Karunamaya being white in nature also known as "Sristikaanta Lokeshwor", whose kind aspect manifested in generating and maintaining generation of living species. The white color depicted the purity aspect both in being and in deeds. The crown is enthroned by Amitabha Buddha to ensure the continual succession of compassionate activities of the Bodhisattva. During the festival, Nala Karunamaya is also accompanied by Dipankara Buddha and the little girls who just completed

Text: Binay Maharjan

Photo: Uden Maharjan/ Binay Maharjan