Why is Merry Christmas celebrated on 25th December?

Monday, 25 December 2017 10:50 Chankuu Shree Shrestha

Christmas is an annual celebration rejoicing the birth of Jesus Christ and is most commonly observed on 25th December. People worldwide enjoy this festivity sharing happiness and gifts. Families come together and enjoy company of their loved ones and have a good time. The streets turn red, beautifully decorated Christmas trees are seen everywhere and children wait the Santa Claus to visit them in a reindeer sleigh, ringing jingle bells and distributing presents.

While still in the celebration mode, many may have queries with respect to how the name Christmas might have been originated. Turns out that the word Christmas is derived from 'Mass of Christ' . As a commemoration of death of Jesus Christ and his revival back to life, a mass service also known as communion or Eucharist was organized in the past. This 'Christ - Mass' service which was celebrated after sunset and before sunrise of the next day i.e amid midnight, gradually evolved into Christmas.

Regarding the date, many believe 25th December to be the birthday of Jesus however the fact is actual birth date is unknown. The first recorded celebration of Christmas on 25th December was in 336, during the reign of the first Christian Roman Emperor Constantine. Later, Pope Julius I officially declared 25th of December as the birthday of Jesus Christ and since then, the declaration has been followed throughout the globe. Some say Mary received the news of conceiving a special baby on March 25th and after nine months i.e. on December 25th, Jesus was born and thus the celebration.

Here are few photos captured  by Narayan Maharjan on the eve of Christmas 2017 at Assumption Church, Dhobighat.

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