Sa: Paru (Gai Jatra) this year

Wednesday, 09 August 2017 19:58 Yogesh Maharjan

Sa: Paru or Gaijatra is one of the most awaited festival in Kathmandu valley. It is said that this festival was initiated by Pratap Malla, however some culture experts claim this festival dates back to Lichhavi era.  In Kirtipur region this festival is celebrated in an unique way. Families who have lost their be-loving ones participate in the procession for whole day wearing masks, jewellery and colorful clothes during procession.

Similarly some people specially children disguise  themselves as a cow and 'Jogis'. In the same occasion the special dance/ritual  "Tir-Ku-Lar-Ku" or  "Dhe-Dhe-Pa-Pa"  were performed that were main attraction of the day.


Yogesh Maharjan

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