Photo feature: Indrayeni Jatra

Saturday, 10 December 2016 06:36 ourkirtipur

Indrayani the protector goddess is worshiped by Kirtipurians with lots of respect and faith.The day of Dashami of Mangshir (this year 9th Dec, 2016) is special one for resident of Kirtipur. In this day the jatra is celebrated to pay homage towards goddess Indrayani.

The procession with traditional musical bands started from Dyarkha, Kirtipur after special rituals. Then the chariot was carried by men wearing traditional dress in every toles of Kirtipur hill. Chariot was stopped in many hubs to perform puja. Some devotees even scarified animals as a part of rituals.

Many visitors from different parts of Nepal participated this jatra with lots of joy.

Photo By: Merit Maharjan

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