Bishnudevi-Balkumari Jatra celebrated at Panga

Thursday, 08 December 2016 21:32 ourkirtipur

Jatras and festivals are part of life for Newar community. One of the most awaited festival of Panga 'Bishnudevi-Balkumari Jatra' was celebrated today. People of Panga worship two major goddess Bishnudevi and Balkumari. During early December the Jatra of these two goddess is organised to show deep respect towards them.

In this Jatra, Chariots decorated with flowers and ornaments are carried over the town for two days. The first day is known as "Mu Ya". In this day, the chariot of Bishnudevi is carried to Bishnudevi temple, Bhajangal. In second day, both chariots are carried over the whole town and the day is called 'Sinhajya'.

All the musical groups and people wearing cultural dresses were present in the procession of the Chariot . Men and women offer Puja and worship goddess for peace and prosperity.

Photo By: Merit Maharjan

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