Sep 24th
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Home Art and Culture Festivals Intersecting newari culture - Matta biuwanegu or pinga sinkawanegu

Intersecting newari culture - Matta biuwanegu or pinga sinkawanegu

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Of the many ethnic groups, Newars were making presence with their unique culture and characteristics. Apart from some, all the culture is going strongly with strong participation from all the Newars till date and it will continue in future with same zeal. It's being transmitted from one generation to another from ages and with same charm. Students residing here for further study were very curious about all these happenings.

Pinga sinkawanegu is one of the mostly awaited night events that last for a month and take place just before Dashain. But Saturday and Tuesday are the days where maximum no. of participation were seen. It is all about giving light to all the goddess from the area. For the specific purpose, the name called Sukunda is used. In Sukunda there is a place for storage of oil and so called "ita" or batti which are prepared from raw cotton and in mere language its just like a oil lamp but with some more speciality.

This event was very popular among teenagers with girls participating and boys giving company in the past. Most of the participants were found wearing Newari dress. It's a very unique dress with contrasting color combination of black and red for Hakku Patasi (sari) and Misa Lan (choli) of Dhaka and unique belt called Janai and Sachika in the head. What makes Newari dress different is the way; the Gacha (white sawl) is used above Misa Lan (choli). Girls were also seen with lots of Newari ornament such as Vimpu Mala, Kali, Makasi, Janter, Tayo etc. if somebody wants to explore Newari girls then obviously, this is perfect time. With a load shedding in the night, these events were more attractive than ever. With a dark night and girls intersecting dark with light in their hand, it's such a fabulous moment, hard to describe with any words so far.

All the participants from different parts gathered at pinga. The first point to begin the whole procession is Bishnu Devi Temple or Pinga which lies near by Chovar and ends after visiting all the statue of goddess around the Panga. No need to mention, Newars have distinct musical instrument called Dhime Baja. In this event also Dhime baja is mostly used to lead the participants. There will be no Newars who can pretend to ignore the vibration of Dhime. It is difficult if not impossible, not to associate with such a nice event.

This event has got lots of prospects from tourism point of view. But these days the event has lost its some relevance as people get busy in other stuffs. This is problem but problem always come with solution. Only few participation were seen this year up to now. It's really problematic as our culture is slowly dumped. To get out of this, enthusiastic youths from panga are organized as a "lanma Pucha" which is going to organize a program to facilitate with awards for regular participants on 18th of Sep. This is all meant to increase participation. They are collecting money from each house to manage necessary fund. This is very good step, indeed. The same kind of practice was administered in the past and was able to bring more vibes and this time too, hoping it would help to bring some positive results.

In nut shell, this is one of important culture and should be preserved for the purpose the programme lunched by "lanma pucha" should be encouraged so that people from other corners of kirtipur will follow the attempt to preserve the culture. Let's help to revive the event once again with same charm as before.
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