A Rectanlge

Thursday, 20 April 2017 10:22 ourkirtipur

Amrit Karki (Nepal) worked with more than 20 households, months in advance to create a superimposed composition on the iconic facade of Kirtipur. Visible from hundreds of meter away, the artist’s intervention - "Rectangle" - questions the idea of a city and what it represents. 

More important than the output has been the extensive community processes that the artist undertook to create the large scale mural. says "Kathmandu Triennale.

About Mr. Karki

Age: 28
Current : Hattiban,Lalitpur
Original location: Bajhapatan-13, Pokhara
Education: BFA from KU
Red color: Easily distinct from environment.
Directly helping volunteers: 43
Indirectly helping hands.: 50+
Duration :
Only for paintings: 17 days.
Overall to complete "Rectangle" project : 3 months

Text and Photo:

Merit Maharjan

(He is student of Ethnomusicology at Kathmandu University and plays special effects in Manda: band. Traveling and photography is his passion. )